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UAE Shipping Rules

United Arab Emirates shipping rules

If you are thinking about shipping a vehicle, household goods or some other items to the UAE (United Arab Emirates), there are a set of UAE shipping laws and regulations that you must be aware of.

When you are shipping to UAE, you must know that all the shipments are subject to scrutiny. Household items and related personal items can be shipped via duty-free but you would require a UAE Residence Permit. 

Documents required for shipping to UAE

  • Two copies of your original passport
  • A UAE Residence Permit
  • Detailed inventory of the cargo 
  • Two Insurance copies 
  • Proof of employment in the UAE

Some of the items prohibited from shipping to the UAE include firearms, weapons, ammunition, alcohol, endangered species, communication equipment and counterfeit money. Those who try to break these UAE shipping laws are severely punished, and they are even asked to pay a penalty, or they can lose the right of navigating on the Arabic seas. You must strictly adhere to the United Arab Emirates shipping regulations and pack as well as clearly label the printed material such as pictures, books, films, videos, movies, tapes, records, CDs, etc., while shipping them to the UAE.

Federal Customs Authority is responsible to take care of all the trades happening to and from the UAE. To get more information on UAE shipping regulations, you can visit: http://www.customs.ae/En/Home/Pages/default.aspx

In the United Arab Emirates, there are several free zone ports, in which trading, handling and manufacturing is taking place without the intervention of custom authorities as long as everything is legal. For more information regarding the free zone in UAE, you can visit http://gcc.mazars.com/Home/Contact-us/Frequently-Asked-Questions/Frequently-Asked-Questions-for-the-UAE/UAE-Freezones.

Shipping vehicles to and from the UAE

Keeping in mind the United Arab Emirates shipping laws, you are required to duly pay duty taxes and related charges while shipping new or used cars and other motor vehicles to the UAE. You would need a valid UAE Residence Visa to register a car. 
Please note that shipping of vehicles with tinted glass is forbidden in UAE.

As UAE shipping regulations, you would require the following documents for shipping of vehicles to UAE:

  • Copy of passport
  • Vehicle Registration documents
  • Title or Deed
  • Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Proof of Vehicle Ownership
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Copy of Purchase Invoice for Vehicle

Air and sea companies for shipping to and from the UAE

If you are confused whether to opt for air or sea freight, we have got you covered. 

By visiting http://www.himalayashipping.com/ports-of-uae/ you can acquire information about every port from UAE and any other useful information you may need to know for transporting goods via ships. You can also visit http://www.abudhabiairport.ae/ to get more information regarding the Abu Dhabi airport.

You must also be aware that as a UAE Shipping Law, you would require additional documents while shipping the below listed goods to the UAE:

  • Valuables that include stamp collections or rare coins
  • Health Certificate for plants
  • Prior approval from the UAE Ministry for political or religious literature
  • Approval from the Ministry of Health for food items
  • Corrosive or flammable goods

Be aware of all the United Arab Emirates shipping laws and ship safely!