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Port of Mina Khalid, Sharjah

Port of Mina Khalid Sharjah information

Sharjah, one of the Emirates of the UAE, is home to three deep water harbours. The location where the ports of Sharjah are situated offers strategic benefit to ships calling at the seaports. 

Situated in the heart of Sharjah, the Port of Mina Khalid is located in and falls under the control of the Sharjah Ports Authority. The port of Mina Khalid is a key port of this Emirate city and it specifically services all the industrial needs. Some of the facilities that the Port of Mina Khalid offers include the ability to ship freights, shipping containers and cargo shipping across the world. There are experts to unload cargo and freight, ensuring that customers get value for money.

Port of Mina Khalid Sharjah details

We have listed below some of the advantages of the Port of Mina Khalid:

  • Inland Container Depot with direct road links to all of the seven Emirates
  • Strategic location in the middle of the East-West Trade Lanes
  • Ability to handle a wide variety of cargos
  • Serves all of the needs of the Sharjah Airport Free Zone companies
  • Excellent direct shipping links to the different places across the world
  • A strategic and convenient way to access a consumer base of over 1,200,000,000 people
  • In-house stevedores, ship pilots and Tug Boats and Crew
  • Availability of Cold Stores alongside berths giving quick and easy access
  • Specific terminals specially designed and constructed for oil
  • Availability of thirty three multi-purpose berths
  • Excellent service and quick turnaround for ships so they can unload and depart quickly

For convenience, the Customs Centre of the Port Khalid is located at the main entrance. Customs inspection of goods & containers, as well as passenger control are carried out from here only.

Here are some of the guidelines to adhere to during the vessel's stay at the Port of Mina Khalid Sharjah:

  1. Ensure complete documentation dully filled with ISPS details. They must be submitted 72 hours prior to the arrival of the vessel at the port. 
  2. Ensure that the berthing and labor are well-organised with the Port Operator. The vessels are instructed to contact Sharjah Ports signal station that is VHF channel 16 when within the range for support.
  3. Ensure that the crew members have the required medical certificates, highlighting that they did not suffer from smallpox or cholera 30 days before travelling to the Mina Khalid Port. 
  4. Submit original copies of the certificates associated with the ship upon official demand at the Port.  If the ship is more than 15 years, a certificate issued by a reputed Surveyor that testifies the condition of the ship needs to be. 
  5. The Ports Authority would take no responsibility of the wear and tear to ship’s plates or any other damage during the vessels stay at the port. If tugs have already been used in the past, then the UK Standard Terms and Conditions of Towage would be applicable.
  6. The port does not entertain any engine repairs that may restrict the movement of the ship. However, such repair can be undertaken with the written approval of the Harbor Master.
  7. There is a zero tolerance policy towards spread of any type of pollution. Failure to adhere to this regulation would be liable to handsome fine, up to AED 500,000. The Master of the vessel would also be responsible to pay any extra expenses that might incur due to disposal of the damages or pollution.

The Mina Rashid Port offers a protected anchorage at its site. This means that only a limited number of vessels are allowed to anchor at mooring in the deep-water harbor under prior permission of the operator.