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Port of Hamriyah, Sharjah

Port of Hamriyah Sharjah information

Port of Hamriyah is a deep water sea port, located in Sharjah. Managed by the Department of Seaports and Customs (Government of Sharjah), the Hamriyah port offers ancillary facilities and is a place for several activities such as general cargo, freight, shipping boxes, petrochemical exports, containers and international trade. The Hamriyah port Sharjah is part of a free trade zone for several companies as well as a center for export and re-export to worldwide markets.

Some of the benefits of using the port of Hamriyah Sharjah include:

  • Close proximity to Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ)
  • Easy and quick access linking all of the seven Emirates and connecting neighboring Gulf States
  • Close proximity to the Straits of Hormuz
  • Situated close to Sharjah City and its industrial areas
  • Can handle both LPG and bulk vessels
  • Ease of access to the Freight Bridge, linking Europe and Far East
  • Provides immigration and custom services, and follows stringent rules and regulations

The Hamriya port Sharjah has two robust container terminals and berths that are up to 14 meters deep. It also has an inner harbor that contains smaller berths that are approximately five to seven meters deep. It provides shipping support services such as minor ship building facilities, dry dock services and ship maintenance and repairs.

The Emirate of Sharjah is located at a very strategic location as it shares its coastlines with the inner Persian Gulf and also the Gulf of Oman. This makes this Emirate city a critical part in UAE shipping and transportation. And as the Hamriyah port and port Khalid are situated on the inner shores of the Persian Gulf, they serve Arabian markets like Saudi Arabia.

Hamriyah free zone Sharjah offers a multitude of services to the clients. It takes in account their requests for electricity, water, telecommunication, etc. The allocation of these services are regulated by SEWA and other concerned departments that operate in Sharjah.

Hamriyah Free Zone also offers car parking area right in front of each unit. There is an area of about 276 sq mts which includes 250 sq mts of warehouse space, and 26 sq mts of pantry, reception area and toilets for the tenants. The minimum duration of each lease is expected to be one year and maximum up to 25 years. The insurance is offered by the Free Zone authorities. The investor has to return the rented unit in the same condition after the expiration of the lease.

Port of Hamriyah Sharjah Details/ Historical Background

The port at Hamriyah was built in the year 1986. Shortly after the main port got constructed, construction began for LPG loading berths – owned by SHALCO, and operated & managed by AMOCO. Later in 1997, a berth for general cargo that was 250 meters long was built; this was followed by the petroleum product berth by Sharjah Oil Refinery (SOR). Since then the Sharjah Seaports Authority has taken control of the port of Hamriyah. 

The port of Hamriyah is now internationally known for its services and has become a symbol of growth for the entire Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE.