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Port of Fujairah, Fujairah

Port of Fujairah information

Located at a strategic position on the East coast of the UAE, at the crossroads between the shipping lanes of East and West, Port of Fujairah is a multi-purpose port on the Eastern seaboard of the UAE. In addition to this, the Emirate of Fujairah has some brilliant road connections with the UAE and adjoining countries – reducing the overall time taken to travel to neighboring countries.

As part of the economic development of the United Arab Emirates, the construction of Port of Fujairah started in 1978 and its operations began in the year 1983. Since then, the Port Fujairah has been continually expanding in terms of its range of facilities and functions.

The Fujairah port, situated nearly 70 nautical miles from the Straits of Hormuz, has berths that range up to drafts of 15 meters.  It has a 1.4 km long main wharf. It also has two bulk loaders, first capable of loading up to 2000 tons per hour and second 4000 tons per hour.

There is also Southern Breakwater berth with 840 meters of general cargo berths and draft of 15 meters. Berth and travel lift facility is available for lifting of supply and other vessels for maintenance as well as repair.

The Northern Breakwater Berth has two oil terminals, OT1 and OT2.


  • 3 Berths
  • 840 meters length
  • 15 meters Draft
  • 15 million ton/year capacity


  • 4 Berths
  • 1,500 meter length
  • 18 meters Draft
  • 25 million ton/year capacity

One of the best parts of the Fujairah Port is that it operates as a Duty Free Zone. It is for all activities of cargo, irrespective of either it is transshipment or to hinterland. Each activity is subjected to Customs regulations, and so the shippers, Consignees, as well as the Agents are required to comply with them.

Also, the Port of Fujairah’s close alliance with the Dubai Ports World as concessionaires for cargo container has strengthened its position within network of container ports around the world.

Port of Fujairah details: A glimpse at the core facilities

The Fujairah port offers a multitude of facilities for general and bulk cargo including Oil. The facilities include:

  1. Container activity,
  2. General Cargo,
  3. Bulk Cargo,
  4. Wet Bulk Cargo,
  5. Port facilities for agents and small supply craft users,

And much more!