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Moving to the UAE

Are you planning to move to the UAE? Needless to say, relocating to a new country is an overwhelming task and requires months of planning before the final day. We bring to you critical information so you can apply for visa in UAE and relocate there with ease. 

Read our detailed guide below on the following topics:

  • Applying for visa in UAE
  • Driving cars and motor bikes in the UAE
  • Obtaining a valid driving licence in the UAE
  • Shipping cargo by sea and air freight to and from the UAE

Visa and Permits

Before you take the decision for living in UAE, you must understand the legal formalities and apply for a visa for UAE as per the reason of visit, your nationality and duration of stay. Depending on these factors, you can apply for a visa, residence permit and/or work permit. These are further divided into sub-categories viz., work visa, spouse visa, and parents or family visa. 

Upon the expiration of UAE visa, the visa holder is given one month’s grace period for renewal. The UAE tourist visa is temporary and lasts for a shorter time span ranging from 15 days to 3 months. Upon the expiry of this kind of visa, the individual is required to leave the country immediately. Apart from these, transit visa, multiple entry visas amidst others can also be obtained.

We have listed below the documents that would be required to visit the UAE:
  1. A passport valid for at least three months from the date of entry for tourist purposes and, six months for business travellers (You must carry the passport copies along with your passport-size photographs)
  2. Duly-filled visa application form
  3. A letter to specify sponsor, whether from the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its diplomatic mission
  4. Employees might need a copy of the tenancy/labour contract (You can cross-check with your employer/sponsor)
  5. Passport copy of sponsor
  6. Permission classification (short term, long term, multiple entry, complementary)

In case you are applying for a family visa include, you would require the following documents:

  1. Marriage certificate 
  2. Birth certificate of all the family members
  3. Passport size photographs
  4. Proof of resident visa
  5. Salary certificate 
  6. Tenancy contract
  7. Emirates ID

You can refer below a few of the valid sponsors for issuing UAE visas:

  • Travel and tourism companies and hotels can apply for a UAE tourist visa valid for 30 days, or a service visa valid for 14 days, or a UAE visit visa with up to 30 days of validity that can be further extended for 30 days.
  • Airlines and Airlines Handlers can also apply on behalf of their crew members for a 96-hour UAE transit visa
  • Organizations that are based in the UAE can only apply for Visit Visas and Service Visas.
  • Individuals (Relatives or Friends) that are already resident of the UAE may, in adherence to the guidelines stated by the UAE government can also apply on your behalf for a Visit Visa for UAE.

Commuting in the UAE - Driving cars and motor bikes

In case you plan to get your own car in the UAE and commute via it, it is required to obtain a valid driving licence as well as a valid Insurance for your car or motor bike. However, in case you are visiting UAE for a short span of time, car rentals provide a great option for commuting. As and when you receive UAE resident visa, you may apply for a local driving licence. Please note: Visitors are not allowed to drive non-rental cars in the UAE unless they have obtained a temporary driving licence valid for 6 months.

Obtaining a Valid Driving Licence in the UAE

Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is responsible for issuing UAE driving license. The driver must be at least 18 years of age and must have a resident visa. The individual also has to clear the eye test. If you meet the criteria, you can apply for driving license in UAE at an authorized RTA agency or directly through their website. The UAE driving license is valid for 10 years and must be renewed in a timely manner.

Getting insurance for car or motor bike in the UAE

There are several automobile insurance companies that provide car and motor bike insurance. The coverage depends on the condition of your vehicle and several other factors. 

Some traffic rules you must follow in the UAE include:

  1. Maintaining safe distance from the vehicle in front of you to adjust the speed limit
  2. Keeping in mind the prescribed speed limit

Shipping by sea and air freight to and from the UAE

You can easily ship your goods to the UAE by sea as well as air. We have listed below some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while shipping goods:

  • Do not ship pork or pork based products
  • Do not ship any materials such as CDs, magazines etc., that contain pornographic or offensive religious matter 
  • Do not ship narcotics such as poppy seeds, items of Israeli origin, erotic statues/figurines, military uniform, etc.
  • Thoroughly clean all the garden equipment, barbeques, shoes and other articles before shipping them

We advise you to partner with a service provider who provides you with tracking information. When choosing a shipping freight provider, choose the provider who offers Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF), as you would not require paying any additional amount for insurance.

Clearance of imported personal goods would require certain documents such as:

  • Resident Visa Copy
  • Passport Copy
  • Written List of Imported Goods
  • In case, you are importing your used car, then the following documents would be needed for clearance:
  • Passport Copy
  • Invoice for the car

If you are importing a new car or shipping a second-hand car through a shipping company, you would require:

  • Passport copy
  • Invoice
  • Bill of Loading
  • Backing List

In case, you plan to get your car shipped to the UAE, you would require the following documents:

  • UAE resident permit
  • Proof of ownership
  • Copy of Passport
  • Registration documents
  • Insurance documents

If you have made up your mind for moving to UAE, be ready to gain the most out of endless, luxury trappings seize opportunities for work, meet new people, work hard, learn, travel, and have fun.

For any assistance on moving to UAE, getting touch with us!